A big change to the proposal ring design

28th June 2019


The design shown above is the one we used for the proposal ring in this case. When the simplest of solitaires is used for the proposal ring I usually see the biggest changes to the design made by the recipient during the remake.

This remake was a big change as you will see shortly. If you are not familiar with my proposal ring process then you can read more about it in this article.

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Basically the proposal ring process I use allows the ring to be a surprise, for the perfect design to be created around the main diamond after the proposal and to the exact finger size. All the time during the design and making of the new ring the proposal ring can be worn right up until I need it for the setting of the new design.

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The above design was created by the customer. It is a far more complicated ring with 108 diamonds in total set into the band, setting and gallery

What does this cost?

In most cases the proposal ring is made to what is thought to be the desired design. Slight adjustments are the norm liek the height of the ring or width of the band. The most common being the ring is the wrong size.

Most of these incur no extra cost and the ring is remade to the perfect finger size….not resized.

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The changes to this ring did however add to the price and as soon I was aware of this I provided a quote for the customers to consider. As you can see they accepted the quote for the changes and at the moment I am working on their wedding rings :)