Third time lucky

1st March 2019

Why do you dislike resizing a new ring David?

There are so many very important reasons for this. One of my New Years resolutions is to try to not repeat myself. If you want to know why please read this article.

Article: Why you should avoid resizing a new ring

Back in 2017 this customer thought she was the size on the left but she was the size on the right!

Back in 2017 this customer thought she was the size on the left but she was the size on the right!

Today lets look at one of the very few customers who got the finger size right with the proposal ring. After that another customer that made the ring twice to get the design right for the proposal and then a third time after the proposal to get the finger size right.

He nailed the finger size

This customer got the finger size spot on with the proposal ring last week. This is very rare so congratulations to Wilson! I am impressed :)

At this stage the couple are still exploring options for the engagement ring design. Regardless if we change the design or not, once the design is confirmed we will look at the desired wedding ring which may force some changes to the engagement ring design. Those changes can be with their free remake.

Article: The proposal ring - taking the pressure to get it right off

Lets look at a customer that did not have as much luck with the finger size.

He nailed the design 2nd time…not so with the finger size :(

I encourage people to make the most of the proposal ring method. That enables the couple to change the ring, totally redesign it as a couple if they desire or at the least have the ring made to the correct finger size if it is wrong.

The only expense they are exposed to is if they increase the materials used, for example increase the diamonds size or number of.

As soon as a couple make a change that incurs any extra expense I quote them on the price to do so. They get to create exactly what they want to the correct finger size. The main purpose of the proposal ring is to allow the proposal to take place with designs that cannot be resized.

That said if a customer decides before the proposal that they have changed their mind on the design, they can remake it using the included proposal ring remake. I do not recommend this option as it means if the finger size is wrong then we could run into the very issue the proposal ring method is meant to avoid.

He wanted it to be as perfect as possible and was not worried about the cost. I am pretty sure I annoyed him with my repeated requests for him to wait and use the free remake to get the ring perfect with his fiancee……. he decided in the end to remake the ring before the proposal. He wanted it to be perfect on the day.

Above is the remade proposal ring with the following changes:

  1. larger diamonds in the halo

  2. one more diamond in the band each side

The above changes increased the total diamond weight of the ring from 1.25 to 1.55 carats. The customer paid for the increase diamond weight only, not the cost to remake the ring.

The down side is that if is estimate of the finger is wrong to an extent that the ring cannot be resized either effectively or at all to the required size, the couple will need to either accept a less than perfect result from the resize or pay to remake the ring.

The wrong size no surprise

There are many articles on my website that highlight how hard it is to get the finger size right and why the industry standard practise of resizing almost any ring to close a sale is a bad thing for consumers.

Article: The surprise proposal: the wrong finger surprise!

Article: What to expect when you buy your engagement ring from a jewellery chain. Not good!

Version 3 remade to the perfect finger size on top of proposal ring version 2.

Version 3 remade to the perfect finger size on top of proposal ring version 2.

His fiancee loves the design and the effort he put into trying to get the ring perfect for her…..but he got the finger size wrong. I could have forced the ring to resize but it would have been far from perfect. The couple decided to pay to have the ring remade to size…….third time lucky.

I made up some size drafts that reflected the exact width of the engagement ring and using those determined the perfect size for this young lady. We then set about designing the wedding ring to make sure what she desired would sit next to the design unchanged.

A week later the ring she refers to as being “perfect” was remade to her exact finger size ready for her to wear knowing that the wedding ring she had in mind would also sit next to it nicely.