Q: Why do I need to book an appointment to see you?

A: The entire process of creating each piece of jewellery is done by me. During large parts of that process it is not possible for me to stop to meet with customers. I love to meet with potential customers, discuss and quote on possible pieces of jewellery, but I do need you to make an appointment to ensure that I am available for you.


Q: Do you only make custom pieces?

A: No. I have some standard designs that I can quote on and you are always welcome to email a photo of a design you like and I quote to make it.


Q: Do you do repairs? 

A: I do full remodels/remakes but not repairs. I only service and repair jewellery that I have made.  I stopped doing repairs on jewellery made by others in 2013 when I ran out of time. I strongly recommend that people have their jewellery serviced by the person they purchased it from.  


Q: Do you charge for quotes?

A: No and I always encourage customers to shop around after receiving a quote from me before making a decision. Often if you have a photo and can supply some additional information I can quote. Please note that I can only quote on remodels and remakes if I can physically inspect your existing jewellery.


Q: Do you do work for customers outside of Cairns?

A: Yes but only within Australia. Well over 50 % of my customers are from outside the Cairns area. Most of the design process can be done via the internet. For draft approvals I use return freight bags. All finished pieces are sent fully insured.


Q: Does having a piece of jewellery custom made cost a lot more than buying one from a jewellery chain or an online trader?

A: In many cases the answer is no. I am an online trader myself so I compete in that market. I am more than competitive with other online sellers especially considering the custom design services I include with every piece I create. 

If you want the quality that the jewellery chains sell then I can usually do it for a lower price. A custom made piece of jewellery becomes more expensive than a mass produced one when you make an informed decision to have it made to a higher standard using better quality materials. It is important that you are told and understand the quality that you are buying.


Q: How long does it take to custom make a piece of jewellery?

A: Once the design and materials are decided on usually 1 - 3 weeks.


Q: What is the best way to learn more about the jewellery that you make?

A: The news section of this website is the place to go. It has many articles describing pieces I have made and the process used to make them.