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Making some changes

5th September 2019 - With jewellery being such a personal choice with design and wear it is very difficult to get it perfect when buying it for others. This is an example of how we got it close with a surprise eternity ring and then perfected it with a remake using the same process I created for proposal rings.

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A design in mind

26th July 2019 - Some customers are quite vague with a design when they first come to me and others can be very specific about what they want to create. Lyn who has been a customer for a long time now always has a very specific design in mind.

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Recycling jewellery: Cost benefit analysis

8th March 2019 - With the very high price of gold at the moment I am getting more and more enquiries about recycling gold. I will try to explain what is involved in the process and hope you will better understand why it is sometimes not cost effective and almost never something I can give an immediate reply and quote for off the top of my head.

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