17 years ago


23rd June 2019

Setting sun in Kagoshima, Japan. 16th June 2019.

It was 17 years ago I stopped making wholesale jewellery. Also in that year I returned to Australia after living and making jewellery in Japan and started to deal with the public directly for the first time. Since 2002 I have not returned to Japan.

My wife and children have been back to her mother country many times during that period. As I get older and opportunities become fewer I realised it was time for me to return to the place I lived in for a short but memorable part of my life.

If you have tried to contact me over the past two weeks that is where I have been.

One of the last jobs I completed before my trip to Japan was this eternity ring. The ring was the second ring I have made to match an older ring purchased elsewhere. You can read more about the original ring and issues that came up during the making of the initial matching ring in this article.

Article: Why I often recommend someone else make your wedding ring.

After a two week break it is back to work. As time permits I will add photos of my trip back to Japan to the My World section of the website, which much to my surprise and delight, some of you view regularly.

EternityDavid Taylor