Euro style band


May 14th 2017

The engagement rings in the shop section serve as starting points for design ideas as well as rings ready for immediate purchase. Today I added a ring to the shop that features a Euro style band.

Definition and benefits

A euro style band has the bottom section of the ring flat.  Other than something different and a look you either like or do not, some people find this style of band reduces the amount of rotation of the ring on the finger.


More about this ring

The ring that I have added to the Shop today has a tapered band that features .30 carats of accent diamonds. The diamonds are bead set and flow up the band to the main diamond pavilion. The band splits into form v-claws that secure the main diamond.


The main diamond in this ring is a .53 carat Princess cut diamond. The diamond is GIA certified with E colour and Vs2 clarity. This ring has been made in 18ct Palladium white gold and is $3310. You can find more details here.


Something to consider with the Euro band

With every engagement ring I make we plan for the wedding ring at the same time. When you purchase/design a Euro style band engagement ring I strongly recommend that you plan your wedding ring at the same time to avoid possible frustration and disappointment when you want to match a wedding ring to it.