Shop - Engagement Rings


There are three main methods I use to make an engagement ring.  Here is a quick summary of them.

1 - Ready to purchase

Customer selects one of my ready made and priced engagement rings shown below.  Note 28/11/2018: Due to recent sales the number of rings I have on hand is low at the moment. Many of them here are marked as sold and left to give you some indication of price.

2 - Modify an existing design

I am asked to modify a version of a design seen on my website. This article is an example.

3 - Quoting from a picture

I am asked to quote on a design seen elsewhere. This almost always ends up being a starting point to a unique design rather than an exact copy.  This article is an example of the process.

Almost all the engagement rings I make are customised to some extent. For a broader view of Engagement rings I have made please view the design section

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