The easy wedding ring

May 19th 2017

The easiest wedding rings to make are those that are designed with the engagement ring.

If you do not plan for your wedding ring at the time you purchase or have your engagement ring made you may have limited options when the time comes for your wedding. That is why I always plan for the wedding ring whenever I make an engagement ring.


The starting point

My standard designs are starting points that I can customise to whatever the customer desires. This is the design my customer liked to the right. In standard form the design takes a .70 carat diamond.

The plan was to use this design but with a larger 1 carat diamond. This is the first change we would need to make to the design.

Straight or fitted wedding ring?

This is the all important question. If the wearer wants a straight wedding ring then my standard design will not allow this. You really should ask this question before you decide on any engagement ring design.

You can see in this photo of the side view that the base of the setting (circled in red) protrudes out into the space where a wedding ring would sit.

Making the changes

Next I created a some images that reflect the following changes:

  1. change setting from .70 carat gem to 1 carat
  2. modify the setting to allow for a straight wedding ring.
  3. scaled to the customers finger size.

You can see in the photo below that the setting now flows into a small rail . I prefer this look to the original.

What this does is now allow a straight wedding ring to sit neatly beside the engagement ring at the same time reducing the damage caused by rubbing to the main  diamond setting as much as possible. Now we can look at the wedding ring.

Diamond depth in a wedding ring.

My customer wanted diamonds set into her wedding ring. From the top view it is easy to get excited about gem/diamond diameter and forget about depth.  In the case of a diamond set wedding ring we need to make sure that the desired size of diamonds will fit into the depth/height of the ring.


If the gems will not fit into the wedding ring then we have two choices, increase the depth of the metal or reduce the size of the gems.  

With most wedding rings the downside of increasing depth is that the ring no longer matches the depth of the engagement ring.  This is a problem that I often encounter when being asked to make a wedding ring to match an engagement ring purchased elsewhere. 

As we are planning this wedding ring at the time we make the engagement ring then we can simply go back and make changes to the engagement ring band to match.

The desired wedding ring

In this case we had no problems with the depth of the diamond size desired in this wedding ring. You can see in the next photo that the channel set wedding ring fits nicely beside the engagement ring.

Fast forward 4 years

All of that planning was done at the time I made the engagement ring back in 2013 and I do it with every engagement ring I create. It is a service I included in the price.

The two finished rings are shown together below. That planning resulted in a really smooth process of making the exact wedding ring she desired.