Same marriage, different engagement ring


6th September 2018

Quite often women come to me later in life to remake their engagement rings into something more to their current tastes. This customer had a minimalist design, low bezel set sapphire solitaire, that we would be remodelling.


The starting point for the design

The starting point for the design


She desired this design above which she had seen on the internet.  Trouble was that her sapphire was a different shape and also much smaller than that shown in the photo.  She also did not like the diamonds in the halo so we woudl replace that with some carved metal.



Initial mockup in Photoshop

Initial mockup in Photoshop

To speed the design process up we first worked on in Photoshop. Once we had a basic outline of the design we started to finalise it in 3D where we refined the top , front and side views.


One of the things that we did come to realise during the design process was that what looked adequate size in design was too fine in metal.  You will notice that diamond carved metal halo is a bit wider in the 3D version when compared to the photoshop mockup.



The ring was extremely well received and I have listed it`s details below:

  • 5.8 x 4mm Emerald Cut sapphire
  • .13 carats of accent diamonds
  • 18ct rose and Palladium white gold
David Taylor