Customer giveaway.


Time to give away some jewellery again to one of my customers. I was at the Lakes getting used to a new camera and took some photos of some ducks.... so I thought I would use my "Bird on a Perch" earrings in a giveaway draw open to any person who has purchased from me in the past.

The draw prize.

The draw prize.

  • 9ct Palladium white gold clip hoops

  • 9ct Palladium white gold Birds on a perch

The birds can be removed so that you can hang other drops on the same clip hoops. Here are the conditions to enter:

  • You have to have purchased jewellery from me

  • You must give me an address inside Australia to post them to if you cannot pick them up

  • one entry per customer

  • email me or comment on the post about the draw on my Facebook page before the 29th September to enter

I will put this on my Facebook page as well. I will do the draw of the winner sometime on the 29th of September and announce it on here and on Facebook. Good luck and these are the ducks that inspired the prize selection.

Update 29/09/2018: The winner was Wendy Munns. Thank you to all that entered.

Ducks at the Lakes, Cairns.

Ducks at the Lakes, Cairns.