22nd April 2018

I have been made aware that McAfee has blacklisted my website because they claim it contains nasty stuff, despite all these internet security companies saying my website is clean.

My site is clean on all these checkers.

My site is clean on all these checkers.

The only things on my website are photos and text.  There is no online commerce on my site.

This site is created and hosted on Squarespace one of the largest and most reputable service-based content management systems with integrated website builder,  hosting and domain registration services.

They handle all the security for my website and I received this response from Squarespace support when I informed them of my issues with McAfee.

Based on our tracking so far, this issue appears to happen when the security software checks sites against Cisco’s WBRS list. The most common software that uses WBRS is McAfee.

Reports of this issue are rare but happen on occasion. With that said, I want to reassure that you’re using the Secure SSL setting on your site which provides security encryption for your site and content.

If you’d like, you can also enable HSTS Secure for an added layer of security. Enabling HSTS Secure is a way to further ensure that the secure version of your site always loads for visitors.
— Mike B.

I have submitted the website to McAfee for review and will hopefully get this resolved.  I have also turned on HSTS for the website.

Sad thing is that if you use McAfee you will not be seeing this. If McA-FEE come back asking me to pay to join one of their "verification" programs then we will all know what this is all about.

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