Removal from McAfee blacklist


23rd April 2018


I received a response from McAfee on the 23rd April that they have removed my site from the blacklist. How long it has been on there and how it got there I still have no idea nor does Squarespace.

If any one has further issues with McAfee or any other security software whilst using my website please let me know. My apologies again for any concern this has caused.

From: McAfee GTI Customer Response Team
Subject: [#VGH-749-22034]: Site risk rating.
Date: 23 April 2018 7:12:59 pm AEST

Hello David,

Thank you for sending this URL to us for review. Upon review, the rating will be adjusted in the next GTI Database release.

The GTI Database with this change will be available for download from our public download servers in a few hours. Depending on the download schedule for your organization, you may not see this change until a later date. Please contact your network administrator.


— McAfee GTI Customer Response Team - EU
WebsiteDavid Taylor