The colour rose


7th April 2018

This engagement ring I just finished was created in 18ct rose gold which is one of my favourite precious metal alloys. Over time as it oxidises it will turn a little richer red in colour. 


With 75% of an 18ct gold alloy being the strong yellow colour of pure gold the rose colour is lighter than lower carat rose gold alloys where a higher percentage of copper can be added.

For this ring we used a scalloped halo around the main .40ct carat diamond and added a trilogy of diamond set leafs to the shoulders. Mill grain edging was added to give the ring a classic look.


To finish the design we looked at quite a few gallery designs but really pleased with what we ended up using. 


Update 31/08/2018 - the wedding ring to match this ring has now been made. Photographing the ring on a black top highlights the rose colour more and the ring can be viewed here.