From a photo to gold


23rd January 2018


A great source of inspiration for design can be found in photos of patterns and textures, either natural or man made. This customer wanted a non standard wedding ring but something not too out there.

He wanted some sort of pattern on his ring and liked this photo. I was asked to  look at applying it as a texture to the ring.

The desired pattern

The desired pattern


Sometimes concepts do not translate to the shape of a ring very well but in this case I was very pleased with how the ring came together as I worked on the design. More importantly so did the customer and he approved the draft of the design.



Draft & Deliver

When the pattern of a ring goes 360 degrees around it makes effective resizing almost impossible.  To make sure that ring would be made to exactly the right finger size I used a draft of exactly the same width to confirm the finger size before making the ring.

9ct yellow gold was used for the ring. A matte finish was applied to the centre pattern to give it even more contrast the the polished borders. The ring is 11mm wide, size W.5 and weighs 16.5 grams

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