Rings that cannot be resized

June 13th 2015

There are some ring designs that simply cannot be resized. Rings with design features that go 360 degrees around the ring cannot be resized. Designs that have gemstones set into them for more than 180 degrees of the surface and sometimes less are usually problematic. They need to made to the correct size first time.

When I write not resizable I mean that the ring cannot be resize to a round shape and/or that the design features will be less than they were as a brand new ring.

Many will resize a ring that they should not just to get the quick sale. The result is often an off round shape or destroyed design features. I don`t do that, I make the ring to the correct size. Takes a bit more time but it ensures my customers get a new ring, not a "modified" new ring.

Different width = different finger size required

As a ring gets wider it usually needs to be a larger size to fit the same finger. A ring that is 3mm wide will be able to be worn at a finger size much smaller than a ring that is 12mm wide. For example if you tell me that your finger size is a T based on a 6mm wide ring that you already have and I am making a 10mm wide ring, the resulting ring may be too tight if made to a size T.

Confirming the size

The best way to confirm a required finger size is with a draft ring that is the same width as the intended design. I create these and modify them to confirm the exact size. I prepare these beforehand and modifying them to the correct size usually takes about 30 minutes at a meeting at my workshop.

How can I confirm my size without coming in to see you?

Well over half my business is from outside the Cairns area and for many years now I have confirmed customers sizes by express posting size drafts to them. For many it is more convenient than if they were in Cairns.

Once the drafts have been tried they return them to me them in the enclosed return freight bag and I can then make the ring to the correct size. There is little bit more to getting a rough starting point for the drafts when doing it remotely but I can explain that at the time.

How will I know if the design I want is not resizable?

I will let you know right from the start advising you of your options. I want nothing less than for a customer to find out in the future that I failed to inform them that their new ring can not be resized effectively.

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