Finger print pendant

May 21st 2015


As promised details of our new Finger Print Pendant. The process for making the pendant is very similar to the ring.

Getting started

Here we use the same process as for the Finger print ring.  I can either take your print at my studio or for out of town customers it can be emailed to me for use in the design.

Previewing the Pendant layout 

The frame/rectangle of the pendant as shown today is 2.3cm long and 1.4cm wide. Room is left at the base for engraving. In the case of this sample my son Aidan`s name is to be engraved.

If no engraving was to be added we could centre the print more. There are quite a few options available depending on your preferences.

Making the Pendant

With all the details decided upon the pendant is created. This sample pendant can be viewed at my studio. Using it as a base we can customise one for you. For this pendant my son wanted to see what both the print and engraving would look like oxidised. We have some options with font types as well.


What is the price?

The price of this Pendant design will be determined at the time of making, largely by the gold price and details you add or subtract from it. However to give you some idea of price, below is the cost to make this pendant in 9ct yellow gold at the time of writing with the following details.

  • 9ct yellow gold
  • 2.3cm x 1.4cm rectangle
  • 1mm thick
  • $295 (price on 22/05/2015)

If you would like to view the sample of this pendant design and discuss the making of one please contact me to arrange a free no obligation appointment.