Finger print wedding ring

May 16th 2015

I have just added a new design to the range of jewellery that I make. In this article I describe the process of purchasing a finger print ring from me.

Getting started

With every persons finger print being unique each ring is of course custom made. The first step is to take a copy of the finger print to be used. With the detail in a finger print being very fine I am limited in how small I can go when I reproduce it in metal. 


Previewing the finished ring 

With those limitations a decision is made as to which portion of the print is to be displayed on the ring. In a pendant design I will release soon a larger area is available enabling me to use a full print. To allow the customer to view how the ring will look we next do the layout of the design digitally.

Making sure it fits perfectly

Using a plain wedding band of the same width the customers finger size is confirmed. That plain band is modified until the fit to the customers finger is exactly how they prefer it. I also have the sample ring used in this article for customers to view.

Making the ring

The final step is for me to make the ring. This ring has a width of 8mm and a thickness of 1.65mm. Both of these parameters can be increased to your preferences.

Making this type of ring narrower than I have shown you today is not really possible without showing less of the finger print. However if desired more can be shown horizontally or the ring can be widened.

What is the price?

The price of this ring design will be determined at the time of making largely by the gold price. However to give you some idea of price below is the cost to make this ring in 9ct yellow gold at the time of writing with the following details.

  • 9ct yellow gold
  • 7.6mm wide
  • 1.65mm thick
  • size U
  • $765 (price on 17/05/2015)

If you would like to view the sample of this ring design and discuss the making of such a design please contact me to arrange a free no obligation appointment.