Nothing in particular


19th January 2018

Today I would like to share with you 3 pieces that I finished recently. Two rings and some earrings.

Grandfather`s gem + Grandaughter`s design

This ring was commissioned by a young lady. The task was to set a sapphire she received as an infant into a ring to mark her birthday in a design she already had in mind.

All I really did was give her options for setting styles and other minor details.  Her ring, how she wanted it.

The new Earring section of the website

A month or so ago I added an earring section to the website with standard designs for sale. I continue to add to the selection and these were finished the other day.

Natural coloured diamonds can be out of the price range of most people.  Fortunately sometime ago methods of turning natural white diamonds a variety of colours became affordable.  The treatments give a permanent colour change. 

These little flower studs are in stock in natural white and red treated diamonds set in 9ct Rose gold. Pricing details can be found here  in the Earring section of the website shop.

As always if you prefer another gem or alloy email me and I will organise a quote for you. My wife after seeing these earrings ordered a ring using a larger version of the flower, Swiss Blue Topaz and in white gold.  My wife should pay attention to the time frame of the next piece :)

A decade to get around to this

Most of the time I am ordering very specific gemstones to a clients preference for a commissioned design. Every now and then I see a piece so nice that I have to have it. Often much to my wife`s disgust I never get around to doing anything with them.

This Emerald I purchased 10 years ago, it was just so bright and much richer in colour than the usual pale green you see in most Emeralds. I had to have it.

Of course as with all Natural Emeralds it has flaws but they do not detract from the beauty of this gem. I had a lot of trouble getting photos to do it justice. It looks even better in real life.  Pricing and other details for this ring can be found here in the ring section of the website.