From Tattoo to Ring

August 14th 2011

Most of the pieces of jewellery I am commissioned to make are for women, however of late I have been fortunate to be asked quite a few pieces of jewellery for men. The men`s ring I am going to talk about today was based around a crest. The image I was given to work off was that of a tattoo.

As I mentioned in my last post to the website, one of the big challenges in scaling large size objects down to an item of jewellery is which detail to leave out and in.

Once we had addressed the overall size of the ring needed to allow me to show the details of the tattoo we then set about on deciding the colour layout. In the end the customer decided to make the base of the ring in yellow gold and the features in white gold.

The ring was made in 9ct yellow and white golds and weighed 19 grams when finished.

Mens, RingsDavid Taylor