A "D" in a diamond

September 5th 2011

The colour of a diamond greatly determines its value. The colour grades of "white" diamonds are usually represented by letters of the alphabet between D and R. These letters represent values varying from colourless to shades of yellow.

The most valuable colour grade in a white diamond is the colourless "D". A diamond of this grade in a 1 carat size is a truly beautiful thing to view. When you compare a D colour diamond to the more commonly found grades of H or lower the difference is obvious even to the novice.

Recently I sold this GIA laboratory certified D colour graded diamond. The setting is a classic solitaire with a triangular shaped 18ct yellow gold band that tapers in height up to the 18ct white gold six claw setting. Even with such a simple design allowances needed to be made to ensure that the preferred design for the wedding ring would fit perfectly beside it when the time comes.

Having a custom diamond engagement ring made for you has several advantages. Firstly you can plan for your engagement and wedding ring designs to match right from the start. Secondly you can select the diamond that is just right for you.

Info, EngagementDavid Taylor