Corporate Jewellery

August 7th 2011

Corporate or symbolic jewellery is something I enjoy making very much. Often transferring a theme or logo into a piece of jewellery is quite a challenge due to the small area I have to work with on a piece of jewellery.

Recently a listener to an internet radio show called "No Agenda"commissioned me to make a "No Agenda" ring. The show has no advertising and encourages it`s listeners to support the show by donations. They also encourage people to use their brand for profit and simply ask that you throw some of that profit their way. 

After doing some research I found that the show has a fascination for the numbers 3 and 33, that it bestows Knighthoods on it`s major donors and has a motto of "Our formula is, we go out, we hit people in the mouth".

The show is rebellious in nature and claims that it`s listeners are the minority of the world`s population that can see through the deception that the "lame stream" media perform in partnership with major advertisers and government. Given that, I thought an outlaw motorcycle club badge style would be ideal for the ring...... and so did my customer.

For the centre feature I used a Knights helmet. In the top rocker I put the show name and in the bottom "Gitmo Nation". You will need to listen to the show to understand the relevance fully but to give you some insight, the hosts refer to Australia as "Gitmo Nation Downunder", to France as "Gitmo Nation Stinky Cheese" and so on around the globe.

Motorcycle club members refer to themselves as one percenters so to acknowledge the shows fascination with all things "3" and their claim that their listeners are the minority of people in the world that can see what is really going on, I made them "three percenters". Next I changed the "MC" that stands for motorcycle club on a bikers colours to "PC" to stand for podcast. The final touch was to engrave the motto of the show on the inside of the ring.

No expense was spared in making this ring. In many of the men`s rings made today the inside is left open in order to reduce weight and manufacturing time. I was particularly pleased when the customer allowed me to fully sleeve the inside of this ring.


I had a lot of fun designing and making this ring and my final task will be to donate a percentage of the sale to the show, which I will do "in the morning". 

Mens, RingsDavid Taylor