A customer`s design

January 6th 2011

I often get asked to help create a design from scratch or assist in finalising a customers design. In the case of Noel and Tracy they knew pretty well exactly what they wanted.

They came to me with very specific instructions for their wedding rings and my job was to assist in gold colour choices, do a quote and then make a draft to confirm the design and finger sizes. I like the design so much I wish I could put my name to it!

The top of the ring is divided into 14ct yellow gold and white gold sections. They both decided to leave the white gold section its natural slightly grey colour and not Rhodium plate it. Noel and Tracy also gave specific instructions that the width of the rings was to be 13ml and they wanted them thick, built to last a lifetime. The result is Noel`s ring weighing 23 grams.

On the top of the white gold section is stamped the first letters of a motto written in Morse Code. On the inside of the ring is engraved another motto, this time in English and signed by each partner to the other.

Design, WeddingDavid Taylor