Truly pink diamonds

January 13th 2011

It is not very often you see truly pink diamonds. Most of them are a very light pinkish colour.

Donna owned some lovely pink diamonds that had been sitting in the safe for quite a while. She decided the time had come to do something with them and came to me with a rough sketch of a design.

I digitally created a ring using that sketch and Donna`s comments as a guide. 

With the computer I create the graphics to scale. This enabled me to show Donna how the diamonds were going to actually look in the design she had sketched and ensured that my interpretation of her design was the same as hers.

This scaling of the digital design ensures that the finished piece of jewellery is as close to the design as you approved as possible.

Donna`s ring was made in 18ct yellow and white gold. The centre pink diamond weighs .18 carats and the two outside smaller pink diamonds are .08 of a carat each in weight.

Rings, DesignDavid Taylor