Happy New Year!

January 5th 2011


For customers that cannot come into the studio to go through the design process with me, I offer the following service. After some discussion on the nature of the piece of jewellery to be designed, I give the customer a quote to design the piece and release all the graphics to them during the process via email.

At the end of the design process, knowing exactly what we are going to create, I give the customer another quote to make the piece of jewellery. If they decide to proceed then the cost of the design process is applied as part of the deposit on the new piece of jewellery.

Shanay informed me that she would like to proceed with the design process via email to ensure that the ring was ready well before the wedding. I sent instructions to her on how to photograph her ring. The photos Shanay sent me had a very heavy red colour cast (I have edited a lot out), but that did not matter and they were ideal for the digital design process.  With that photo of the engagement ring I could submit a quote to digitally design her new wedding ring.

It was not long before we had a design that Shanay liked. I then submitted another quote to make the ring as shown above. Shanay accepted the quote and she booked her wedding ring in to be made during a short visit to Cairns.

After further discussions with Shanay when she was in Cairns for the making of the ring, we changed the design slightly to soften some of the edges but still kept very close to the original digital design. The finished wedding ring is shown below.

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