Three traditional rings celebrated in one.

November 1st 2016

To repair or remake.

This ring is another example of doing away with the wedding and engagement ring set and a novel concept for an eternity ring. The wedding and engagement ring had been pinned together a long time ago by another jeweller. The band was extremely thin at the base and numerous claws needed to be rebuilt.

Repairing the rings involved separating the rings, replacing both bands, replacing numerous claws and then pin them back together. A lot of work and the end result would still be a somewhat flawed ring. I provided a quote to remake them into one ring with the design staying the same.

The quote to remake the rings into one was approved and I was then asked to come up with a design for an eternity ring.

The eternity ring design - thinking differently

Rather than make a new ring I suggested to the customer that I thought I could modify the existing design whilst still being true to the original design. So the changes/cost we would make to improve the ring would be the Eternity ring and we would avoid the challenges of matching rings and the extra width on her finger that another ring would take.

I came up with this design which the customer liked very much. In the design I added one larger gem in the centre and another to the halo of diamonds.

The customer wanted to add some colour to the ring so decided to use a Ceylon Sapphire as the new larger gem. We would make the new band much thicker and also strengthen up the claws.

A great cost effecive result

A third ring would have been more expensive to make and I do not think it would have looked as good. The ring is 18ct yellow gold, the Ceylon Sapphire is .20 carats in weight and the diamond I added was .015 carat in weight. The customer was thrilled with this remake and that it still remained true to the original ring but is very different at the same time. She can clearly see the three rings in one.