Graz Clock Tower ring

October 12th 2016

Back in June I was asked to come up with a wedding ring design for a man who’s family had strong links to the Austrian city of Graz.

The Clock Tower is a prominent feature of Graz and both the Great Grandfather and Grandfather of the recipient of the ring were involved in its construction. It was decided that the clock was to be the theme of the ring.

Credit for the above photo WikipediaThis Wikipedia page has a great brief overview of the Austrian city of Graz.

Clock in a ring …what to do? It took two months of intermittent brainstorming to come up with a design that worked as a wedding ring. We went from a larger more literal representation to a more simplified representation of the clock in the eventual design.

The clock hand would be repeated 4 times around the ring. In between each clock hand a roman numeral from the inner circle of the clock face. On the side of the ring I would place the 4 spheres of the very outer circle of the clock face.

Credit for the photo of the clock face to this page on  I have used Google translate to create an English version of the page.

The ring was made in a 14 carat rose gold alloy, is 8mm wide, 2mm thick and weighs 13.4 grams.

To all but those familiar with this landmark of Graz the ring would be an oddity. To the recipient however I was informed it nearly brought him to tears the first time he saw it…..those would be good tears!

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