The Classes of 1996 & 2016

November 21st 2016

I was first involved with St Augustine`s school in Cairns in the 90`s. Last week my youngest son graduated from there and I made pendants for him and some of his friends to mark the occasion.

In the 90`s I taught a sports class at Saints and almost all the students were male borders from Papua New Guinea and one female student from St Monica`s. My wife and I have very fond memories of those wonderful young men and lady (hi Anita :) who impressed us so very much with their manners and kindness. This photo was taken at Cairns airport at the end of 1996 as they flew home from school.

It followed that we always wanted our boys to go to Saints and it turned out that both had a strong desire of their own to go there as well. There are never enough places for students at Saints and we were very fortunate to be able to get both boys accepted.

Our oldest boy graduated in 2014 and in 2016 our youngest boy Alistar graduated. Well done Alistar, we are all very proud of you! To all the graduates of 2016 from whatever school, congratulations! To their parents, especially if this is your last child graduating, well done and we share the occasion and emotions with you. 

At Saints after the graduation ceremony the senior class walks out of the school for the last time via a guard of honour formed by the whole school.

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