A charming animal

13th of September 2019

4 charms and a diamond

4 charms and a diamond

Australian Animal charms headed to the USA

This week has been very busy and next week starts the same with a customer I have never met travelling an insane distance to pick up some jewellery I made for them.

I do not send my jewellery outside of Australia so to get around that, Jim from Texas is coming in on Monday to pick up four charms he ordered from me recently.

He is actually coming to Australia on holiday with his wife and they like to buy charms for her bracelet that denote the places they visit.

In Australia we primarily use 9 and 18ct gold alloys but in America 14ct is very popular. As I make the charms myself I made these in 14ct especially for Jim.

1.51 carat F colour Vs1 clarity diamond.

1.51 carat F colour Vs1 clarity diamond.

A big oval

The diamond I will be setting into a proposal ring next week. This is one of the biggest oval cuts I have sold at 1.51 carats. It is a beautifully clean Vs1 diamond and I will be sure to share it with you as soon as it is made.

It seems every week I am driving up the Gillies Range to the Tablelands of late and this week was no different.

I usually do not stop at the lookouts but this week I did to look down on a large part of Wooroonooran National Park covered in smoke :(

Smoke over Wooroonooran National Park.

Speaking of Australian animals

It was just last weekend that my wife and I were outside of Atherton and spotted a Tree Kangaroo for the first time. We sat and watched it for about 30 minutes. What a beautiful creature and that tail is so long. You can see more photos I took here.

The first Tree Kangaroo my wife and I have seen in the wild.

David Taylor