Spotting a Tree Kangaroo


7th September 2019

Our first view of the Tree Kangaroo

Whilst walking from Hypipamee Crater down to Dinner Falls near Atherton with my wife I saw a backlit silhouette of something high up in the trees near the track. My wife had just mentioned recently that she would love to see a Tree Kangaroo in the wild and today was her lucky day.

I like to walk quite slow and take in my surroundings. My wife on the other hand walks extremely quickly so we battle a bit when I lag behind constantly. She was very grateful for my slow walking on this day.

Who is watching who?

This Tree Kangaroo was sitting high up in a tree looking down on people as they walked straight past busily going from one attraction to another. We were able to get quite close and for about half an hour we just sat and watched. It is a beautiful animal and the length of the tail really surprised me.

It was quite dark on the track and the bright backlighting up in the trees made taking photos quite difficult. I was grateful that our little friend hung around for so long allowing me to experiment a little until I got these shots.

At one stage a quite loud group walked past and the Tree Kangaroo moved further away from us. It did also however turn to face the sun more which cancelled out some of the backlighting and allowed me to get some shots with better light on the front of the animal.

My wife is my good luck charm for spotting special things. She does not go on many of my photo walks but when she does we usually see something quite unique (a Cassowary).

David Taylor