NAIDOC week & CIAF giveaway

7th July 2019

NAIDOC Week 7th - 14th of July
Cairns Indigenous Arts Festival 10th - 14th of July

Every year I do a draw to give away a piece of jewellery to mark NAIDOC week. Since I live in Cairns and the Cairns Indigenous Arts Festival (CIAF) is on from the 10th to the 14th of July I am going to mark both events with one but more valuable prize this year.

First things first!

Please check out the events that are on for NAIDOC week in your area and if you are in Cairns the CIAF.

CIAF 2019 program
NAIDOC website event search

Who is eligible to enter?

Anyone who lives in Australia at present and can provide a postal address for me to send the prize to can enter the draw. I will not post the prize to a person living outside Australia. One entry per person please.

How do I enter?

Send me an email with the following subject line:

“NAIDOC week & CIAF 2019”

I would suggest copying and pasting that into the email subject field as I will be running a filter to sort the entries and if the text is wrong the filter may not see it. You can only enter once.

I will take entries right up until the end of NAIDOC week on the 14th of July. Emails after the 14th of July will not be enered. You can access my email address in the contacts section of this website.

A thank you to those that have purchased jewellery from me since NAIDOC week 2018.

I am also going to automatically enter every person who has purchased a piece of jewellery from me in the 12 months since NAIDOC week 2018. One entry in total per person.

What is the prize?

Here are the details of the ring that is the prize for the winner of the draw:

  • .34 carat round brilliant cut main diamond

  • Vs1 clarity

  • L colour

  • 18ct yellow gold band

  • 18ct Palladium white gold diamond feature

  • made to P finger size.

The colour of this diamond is the point to note in the above details. It is a promotional grade colour that you will find very common in jewellery chain pieces. Most of my customers, once I have shown them the difference, order higher grades in colour than L.

As I have two of about this grade for customers to compare to higher grades colours I am going to give one away in this ring. It is time for it to be worn and enjoyed by someone.

If you would like to see an all white gold finished version of this ring I sold a while back, that uses an F colour main diamond, then you will find photos here.

How will I know if I have won?

I wll do a video of the winner being drawn out as soon as I can after the 14th of July. Hopefully on the 15th. Once the draw has been done I will email the winner and also post a video of the draw to my website.

What if the ring does not fit me?

If you are not a customer of mine then please have a jeweller that you trust resize the ring. If you are a customer of mine then you will know the procedure for changing a ring size and we can sort that out.

Will you use my email address for anything else?

No and I will not sell it. Once the draw is done I will delete all the emails. I do not advertise via email spam. My customers know that they only ever hear from me in reply to an email.

Most importantly!

Have a great NAIDOC week and if you are in Cairns get out and enjoy the CIAF as well.