The fitted wedding ring


6th May 2019

Planning for the desired wedding ring at the same time the engagement ring design is created or selected is an important process. Most women prefer a straight wedding ring but some like the fitted style.

The ring above I created in January this year using an heirloom sapphire of the customers. This couple are very organised and a few months later in April decided to get the wedding ring made so as to have one less thing to do closer to the wedding.

With nowhere to go under, the wedding ring would have to around the engagement ring.

The customer had already selected the design before he came to me. One of the first things I mentioned to him was that it would require a fitted wedding ring to match. He assured me that this was not an issue.

I created an initial graphic to show him what he was looking at. I then made some small changes to the engagement ring to allow for the fitted ring a bit more easily in a second image.

After the proposal I met with the partner to discuss the wedding ring design. Down the road she wants to wear an eternity ring on the other side of the engagement ring identical to her wedding ring.

With that in mind she thought that diamonds on one side of the wedding ring would look nice. In the end however she decided to have them on both sides as shown in the second photo above.

The fitted wedding ring is not for everyone. I find most women either love or hate the idea. On certain hands, like my wife’s, they stay in place reasonably well but for some women they rotate.

When fitted wedding rings rotate out of alignment that same shape that allows them to sit neatly beside the engagement ring pushes them apart. For many women caught in this situation they often end up pinning the rings together to keep them in alignment and stop wear.