The solution to the lost earring

27th April 2019


Ever lost and earring?

I made the original pair of the above earring design about 7 years ago. The catch on these earrings is very secure and can be repaired and/or replaced when worn. The catch still works like new 7 years on.

The most important thing with clip earring is to understand that from time to time they made need to be serviced to make sure that the locking mechanism is working properly. The clip in this case was not the cause of the lost earring.

I have learnt that earrings can also be lost/misplaced when not being worn and that was the case with one of these. My customer came to me in search of a single replacement earring.

The beauty of dealing with the person who actually makes your jewellery is that they can make a single earring for you. We did the best we could to match the pearl and the earrings are once again a pair.

A lot of Ovals

I am making so many oval diamond rings at the moment. They are extremely popular at the moment. This is a proposal ring so unsure if the design that the customer came up with remain the same but I am happy with how I made his vision of the design come to life in metal.

  • .52 carat Oval cut main diamond

  • E colour - Si1 clarity

  • GIA certified and laser inscription registry

  • 14 x 1.1mm accent diamonds

  • 18ct yellow gold band

  • 18ct Palladium white gold halo

2mm wide knife edge wedding ring.

Less is more

Often when you have a really nice engagement ring there is not much else you need on the same finger. That was the case for this customer who used the knife edge band profile from her engagement ring with her wedding ring.

This ring is about 2mm wide and makes a very modest statement next to the other ring. Sometimes less is more. I will try to get a photo of the two rings together when they come in for the clean before the wedding.

The rain coming down the Johnstone River

My New Years resolution

I have really needed to cut back on the amount of work I do for quite a few years now. To force myself to stop I make sure that I get as far away from the workshop as I can. If I just stay at home I end up getting bored and go to work.

I am trying to explore somewhere in this wonderful part of Australia at least one day every week in an outing with my wife. Last weekend was my second trip down to the Johnstone river from the lookout on the Palmerston Highway.

That is quite a walk and not for the faint hearted, especially in the wet. My wife let me do this one on my own. You can view more photos and details of the spot in this article here. Have a great weekend.

David Taylor