The big C


9th March 2018

My Mother and Father in-law both died of cancer. My wife and father are both cancer survivors and it pleased me very much to be able to make this pendant for a customer to mark the success of her treatment of this illness.

The ribbon shape.

The ribbon shape.


This customer`s Mother was soon to successfully complete her treatment for cancer. The family wanted to make a piece of jewellery for her to mark the occasion. The design was to be based on a ribbon, a symbol often associated with cancer treatment and research.

The pendant was to be made in 9ct rose gold and feature a pink gemstone. The customer had in the past purchased one of my pendants and she wanted this pendant to be about the same length of 2.7cms.


I was asked to also explore the option of the pendant at a size larger than 2.7cm.  To give some sense of proportion we scaled the designs in the photo to an existing chain the customer had.

3.2cm version on the left and 2.7cm on the right.

3.2cm version on the left and 2.7cm on the right.


For the gemstone we used a Pink Tourmaline and triangular claws to set it in a north, south, east, west orientation. Thank you to the family for allowing me to both make and share the pendant with you and congratulations on the successful treatment.

My wife and I wish you all the best in the future.