Making the standard not so standard


23rd February 2018

The Nefertiti pendant is so commonly mass produced that you would hardly think it would be something you would have custom made.

40 years ago this customer`s mother began a tradition of gifting each generation of girls a Queen Nefertiti pendant.   They were the mass produced hollow 9ct figureheads, super thin and subject to denting and damage. 


Her mother had passed recently, and she wanted to have a special Nefertiti and could not find one that ticked all the boxes so she asked me to make one. This was her list of demands :)

The face

The face

  1. Oval in shape
  2. 2.5cm in length
  3. 18ct gold
  4. A particular shaped version of the face
  5. high quality diamond set border



We looked at quite a few options with digital images and once we thought we were close I did a draft of the face with a pattern in the background.

The pattern was dropped and replaced with a matte finish. The head was approved.  Our next task was to refine the shape and setting style of the diamond border. She chose #1 from these three options using .40 carats of diamonds.

Left to right: Grain with border, channel, grain set with no border.

Left to right: Grain with border, channel, grain set with no border.



When you get to the deliver stage having done the digital design and drafts you know the customer is going to like the piece. That said comments like this is what you want to hear.

“This has turned out to be a magnificent piece better than I’d ever imagined”
— The customer
PendantDavid Taylor