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20th December 2018

The Bushido cross pendant in 9ct yellow gold.

The Bushido cross pendant in 9ct yellow gold.


I first made a Bushido crosses many years ago for a friend of mine. This one is a little different from his.

I only make these for or at the request of Zen do kai and Bushi kai dojo heads and I only make the gold version. Anyone who wants one should know why. Please do not contact me unless you are a dojo head.

Bob Jones start using these within Zen do kai many years ago. The originals did not have the text on them and was an addition later that is now standard. Bushido cross rings generally do not have the text on them.

14ct yellow and white gold Bushido Cross ring

14ct yellow and white gold Bushido Cross ring

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There are many cheaply produced versions of the pendant now readily available. The ones I make I individually mill in two pieces and then engrave. The final step is to add the bail.

For this pendant I have left the front dimensions of the cross as per the original. However I have made it a bit thinner than the originals.

The main reason is that the original thickness made the pendants quite heavy and that weight increased the friction at the jump ring causing them to wear out quite quickly. Very similar to the wear on chains that I recently discussed in this article.

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Many people came to me seeking repairs or replacement crosses after the jump rings had worn out. For those have not yet been honoured with one of these crosses I created a kanji version of “Bushido" that they could wear.

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