Bushido Kanji pendant


25 x 11.5mm rectangle
9ct yellow and Palladium Sterling Silver
approx 2.5 grams

$135 - 1 of each colour combination in stock

These Japanese characters represent the word Bushido, the way of the warrior. If you have another Japanese Kanji you would like to use please contact me to discuss what is possible.

You can choose to have the frame in gold or silver and the reverse for the centre.

The benefits of Palladium Sterling silver for men

  1. Colour - unlike white gold it is a naturally white colour and you never have to worry about it needing to be rhodium plated
  2. Tarnish resistant - Palladium Sterling Silver does not tarnish like normal sterling silver because the Palladium replaces most of the Copper. It is that copper in the more common Sterling Silver alloys that leads to tarnishing.
  3. Cost - Whilst more expensive than a copper based Sterling Silver Palladium Sterling silver alloys are less expensive than white gold.
David Taylor