The ring enhancer - solution to an old problem

21st August 2013

Getting rings to sit on the finger correctly is a common problem. This is one solution.

I made an engagement ring a few years ago and at that time we planned to have a plain wedding ring sit next to it. 

Fast forward to now and my customer wanted to introduce some more diamonds to her finger. The new plan was to make a pair of diamond rings to go on either side of the engagement ring and for the original wedding ring to be worn as an everyday ring.


In this case the two new rings would never be worn on their own so an enhancer was an ideal option. To form the enhancer the rings are joined by bars that are to the sides and base of the ring.


This keeps the two ring constantly in line with each other.  The gap in between the two rings is made so as to allow the engagement ring to slide into the middle.


The end result is three rings that sit very well together rather than constantly rotating out of position.

Rings, Wedding, DesignDavid Taylor