The chain section

17th June 2017

I have finished transferring the chain section to the new website.  Whilst I was doing so I thought I would explain how it is to be used.


Machine made chains are one of the few things that I do not make myself.  Fine link chains are not economical and in some cases not even possible for me to make.  They require expensive machinery and large volumes of production to justify their cost.

I source my machined chains from Australian and New Zealand manufacturers.


Primarily the chains section is for my customers that are buying a pendant and would like to include a chain in their purchase.  Using photoshop I can edit in chains showing style and size so that the perfect chain is selected for the pendant.


Machine made chain is sold by a price per gram. As the price per gram fluctuates with the global price of gold please email me to get a current price. This article explains more about shopping for chain by price per gram.

Carat, colour and length

All the chains are available in 9ct yellow gold.  Some are also available in 9ct white and pink/rose gold alloys and a small number in 18ct yellow and white gold. Each chain listing will display this information as well as available lengths.

Regarding the colour of machine made yellow gold chain please read this article about a deceptive trick of the trade that has become the norm that I really dislike. 

Delivery times

If the chain is in stock with my suppliers then it is usually 2-3 working days for the chain selected to arrive to me.

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