How to buy chain the smart way

January 20th 2009

Well ignore the 50% off sale signs and follow these steps to buy chain the way that the jewellery chains/resellers buy it:

  1. Decide on a carat gold and colour
  2. Select a design
  3. Find out the weight of the item
  4. Divide the price by the weight to give you a price/gram.

Now you can search for chains that match the criteria you set in steps 1 to 3. When you find one, the price/gram from step 4 allows you to compare which is the better value.


The bracelet pictured to the right I have on sale. It has the following details:

  • solid 9ct yellow gold
  • hand made by me
  • 10.7 grams in weight
  • $310

That gives you a price of $29 per gram. I have one in stock but can make more.

Other types of catches are also available and I can add or remove links to suit your length. If the weight changes then the price will still be calculated at $29 per gram.

This item will stay on sale for the next two weeks. Happy New Year!

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