Getting those rings to sit together

November 20th 2008

When many couples purchase their Engagement ring they rarely consider how their wedding ring will sit next to it. When a customer comes to me to have their Engagement ring made I always ask them what they expect of their wedding ring. This allows me to take that into consideration as we design the Engagement ring

Craig and Sarah in the ACT had purchased their Engagement ring from a jewellery chain. When they contacted me via email they were dealing with problems they had encountered in trying to get the wedding ring they desired.

Sarah wanted a wedding ring that sat nicely next to the Engagement ring but also wanted the wedding ring to be straight and able to be worn by itself.

After some exchange of emails we came up with a plan to alter her Engagement ring to allow a straightwedding ring to sit nicely next to it.

Thank you Craig and Sarah for the faith you placed in me from many kilometres away. I was thrilled to hear you were delighted with the end result and the whole process.

Info, WeddingDavid Taylor