When you can`t wear a Bushido Cross

April 11th 2012

I have seen some pretty messy and innacurate pendants of the Japanese characters (kanji) for the word Bushido. When asked by a Zendokai member to create one I jumped at the opportunity. 

Some years ago I remade a Bushido Cross ring for a customer and featured the ring remake on this website. The Bushido Cross is worn by high ranking members of the Zendokai and Bushikai karate styles, as either a pendant or ring. The right to wear this symbol is awarded to instructors in recognition of their loyalty, strength and dedication. You cannot just decide you want to wear one. If you do so the meaning is lost.

The Japanese word Bushido means "the way of the warrior" and I have been asked by many people not yet able to rightfully wear the Bushido Cross to come up with a design that reflects their commitment to Bushido. Zen Buddhism has had a great influence on both Japanese martial arts and calligraphy so I based the design around a flowing style of Japanese writing.

The three characters that make up the word Bushido are arranged in the traditional vertical Japanese writing style suspended in a border symbolic of a hanging scroll. The rectangular border is 25ml long by 11.5ml wide. To highlight the kanji I have made the pendants in a two tone gold design.

I have a limited number of this design made in 9ct gold in stock for $170. (update: 14/4/12 SOLDOUT new stock 1-2 weeks) For those customers that have been waiting for this pendant I hope you like the end result and welcome your feedback.

Pendant, MensDavid Taylor