It is just so much easier….

May 29th 2013

…. and the result is often so much better when you plan for your wedding ring at the time you make the engagement ring. 

Planning for the wedding ring

I made Tina`s engagement ring last year and at the same time we made plans for the wedding ring and how they would sit together. She also decided at the same time that her wedding and eternity rings would be indentical.

Her engagement ring design has a setting that would normally protrude from the side of the band and into the path of a wedding ring next to it. We modified the design to avoid the problem.

Time to make the wedding ring

Fast forward now to making the wedding ring and all Tina had to decide is the width of the wedding ring. I opened up the graphics I created back when we made her engagement ring and she decided on a width of 4.5ml.

Don`t forget the draft

For three rings to be worn on the same finger they may all need to be larger in size than if one was to be worn on its own. You need to think of three rings on the same finger as being one wide ring.  For example, if a 4ml wide ring feels comfortable on a finger at size P, a 7ml wide ring might need to be made one size larger to fit the same finger.

To avoid running into this problem with Tina`s new rings I made some size drafts in the 4.5ml width that she could try on with her existing engagement ring. It was at this time that Tina decided to change the width from 4.5ml to 4.25ml.

The end result

Width and size confirmed the wedding ring was made in 18ct yellow gold with .77 carats of channel set princess cut diamonds.