The quoting process

May 9th 2011

Today I thought I would share with you the process I go through with my customers when they come to me for a wedding ring. It is a very similar to the same one I use for all items of jewellery that I make.

In the case of the rings pictured to the right, the customer already had an engagement ring she had purchased elsewhere. I discussed with her any thoughts she had regarding her wedding ring and possibly her eternity ring into the future.

I then took a photo of her ring and using here comments as a starting point, digitally created images of options for her to consider. Once she had found a design that she liked I then gave her a quote.

It is often the subtle things that make all the difference in how a ring looks. The width of the band, style of the setting and size of the diamonds can all be varied in endless ways to produce different looks. Likewise these factors also determine the price of the ring or any other piece of jewellery. Below are some of the options that I presented to this customer.

Digitally editing images to scale allows me to show my customers how the finished piece of jewellery will look and also to quote more accurately. Bottom line is that until I know what piece of jewellery you desire I cannot give you a quote.

There are several reasons why I spend so much time on the design process but the main one is that my business depends on my customers satisfaction with their new piece of jewellery. It is referrals from existing customers that brings me new customers. My next customer depends on the happiness of my last. 

If you would like to discuss anything relating to a new piece of jewellery or an existing one, please contact me to make an appointment and I will make sure that I am free to give you 100% of my attention when you come in.