A 20th Wedding Anniversary

April 28th 2011


To celebrate her upcoming 20th wedding anniversary a customer asked me to make a ring using some old jewellery she no longer wore. She had a design in mind and I edited a photo to show her what that design would look like using her diamonds.

Her diamonds were larger than those inthe ring she had seen and the edited graphic showed very clearly how this would change the overall look of the ring. She decided to do something else.

After a bit if discussion we came up with the design pictured here. She had six existing diamonds and the design we created required me to supply 10 smaller diamonds. Happy with the quote I had given her she asked me to add another 4 diamonds to the ring to give a total of 20, one for each year of her marriage.

The ring is made in 18ct white and yellow golds and uses a total of 1.85 carats of diamonds.