Ruby Pink

February 2nd 2017

The plan

The customer had a engagement ring that was in a state of disrepair. The idea was to get a second diamond the same size as that in the engagement ring and place it either side of a Ruby to form a new engagement ring.

This is the old engagement ring, broken band with worn down claws. I have removed the diamond for measurement.

The design

I was asked to modify this design that so that a trillion cut gem could be used in place of the round centre gemstone.

The design modified much better than I thought and this is the top view scaled to the finger, ruby and diamond sizes.

The side view also had the feel of the desired design. You can see in the photo a wedding ring next to it which we will discuss next.

Accommodating the wedding ring

The customer wanted to wear her existing wedding ring next to this ring so I made plans in the design for the wedding ring to sit neatly next to the new ring.

What does it look like on?

To get some idea of what the ring will look like on I next digitally added the new design to scale into a photo of the customers hand.  The colours are not meant to be realistic. The purpose of the photo is to give a clear indication of the shape of the ring on the hand.

With the design approved we now moved onto checking a few things.

Matching the engagement ring diamond

This is what you come to a professional for. Someone who is more concerned about the new diamond matching the existing one rather than the speed of a sale.

A professional also knows when a job is better done by another professional. Diamonds come in a great variety of qualities in colour, clarity, shape and cut.

Rather than have a large amount of diamonds sent to me in the hope that one will match I sent the existing diamond to one of my diamond brokers who matched the diamond extremely well using their skill and large supply of diamonds to choose from.

Getting the finger size right

I mention all the time how rings of different dimensions can need to be made to different finger sizes to fit on the same finger well.  Once again this is what you come to a professional for. 

To make sure that this ring fitted perfectly once made I created a draft of the same width and thickness and posted it to my customer at the Gold Coast.

All of this so far had been done from Cairns with a customer on the Gold Coast. With the design and finger size approved and the matching diamond arrived, I was ready to make the ring.

Finished ring

The Ruby measures approximately 7mm from the middle of a side to a perpendicular point. The side diamonds are .33 carats each in weight. The ring was made in 18ct yellow and white gold alloys. Not your traditional Ruby colour but very pretty.

This ring was a gift from a husband to his wife. Whilst I did all the design process directly with the wife the finished ring was delivered to the husband who gave it to her on her upcoming birthday.

Whilst the ring was obviously not a total surprise it was exactly what she wanted.

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