From an apprentice to now


A chronological account of my career in the jewellery industry from 1982 to the present.

1982 - I commenced a jewellery apprenticeship with P & P Deane Manufacturing Jewellers in Townsville, Queensland.

1983 - After attending my block release training at Kangaroo Point TAFE, I was awarded the Wallace Bishop special prize. The prize was in recognition for being the top student for that years class of apprentice jewellers.

1984 - I was once again awarded the honour of being named top student for that year of jewellery apprentices attending Kangaroo Point college for TAFE.

1985 - I received time credits for excellent scores during my apprenticeship block release training and was awarded my Trade Award six months earlier than normal.

1986 - I left P & P Deane and started my own business. That business was based in the wholesale design, manufacture and marketing of Opal jewellery.

2001 - My wife and I scaled down the wholesale business and moved the family to Japan to have a break and enable our two boys to improve their Japanese. During our time in Japan we continued to design and manufacture jewellery which we sold in Japan and also exported back to Australia.

2002 - After a bit over a year in Japan, we returned to Australia and began for the first time to deal directly with the general public.

2017 - 15 years have gone by since I first started dealing with the public. I am so grateful to all of my customers for their continued support. I am blessed to have a job that I continue to enjoy after all these years.

David Taylor