As a manufacturing jeweller

For a very large portion of my career I only made jewellery for others to sell to the public. My wife and myself traded under the business name "YD Jewellery Company" during this period.

Here is a list of some of the jewellery resellers that have used my services during that period up to 2002 :

  • Beverly Jewellers of Distinction
  • Boulder Opal Enterprises
  • Crofton Clauson
  • Duty Free Concept
  • Evert Opals
  • J A Core Wholesale (Opal Strike Townville)
  • Magnetic Opals
  • MKP Opals
  • Opal Corp
  • Opal Concept
  • Princess Cosmopolitan Jewellery
  • Quilpie Opals (Cairns store only)
  • Ratliff Opal
  • Wild West Opals
David Taylor