Civitavecchia - Italy

Our cruise started from the Italian port of Civitavecchia. Old boat but quite pretty. About 3000 on board.

The room was a dissappointment and we referred to it as the submarine. Had a great holiday but probably would not use Royal Caribbean again.

Most of the general staff were excellent but to give you some idea of this company and management in general, we filled out a form for exactly the option of how the currency was to be charged.  I also pointed it out to them on boarding and made them take note of it.  "Of course Mr Taylor" I was told.

When we got the final bill they ignored the written and signed instructions on their own form and used the option that maximised the amount of money they got through their currency conversion company. They even stated on the bill that it was the option we selected. WTF!

Could not be bothered to argue as you get the bill a couple of hours before getting off the boat. I doubt we will ever use them again.

David Taylor