Diamond studs 3mm


G colour - Si1 clarity
total diamond weight .20 carats
3mm round brilliant cut diamonds
18ct Palladium white gold setting
18ct yellow gold post & butterflies

$610 - SOLD

I could make these earring a lot cheaper by using the following to create them:

  1. off white diamonds with visible flaws

  2. 9ct gold instead of 18ct gold

  3. standard light machined butterflies rather than the heavy ones I mill myself

Here are couple of other reasons why I did not:

  1. poor quality diamonds have very little value and the off colour and flaws are just ugly.

  2. Earrings go into your body. 18ct gold has double the pure gold content of 9ct and is far less likely to react with your body. If you intend to leave them in all the time then 18ct gold is the way to go.

  3. heavy butterflies secure the earrings on your ear in a way that very light pressed butterflies can not.

David Taylor