Most popular ring of 2016 (and why I no longer make it)


DR962 Aboriginal Flag and Totem ring

  • 9ct yellow gold band
  • Flag: 9ct rose, 20ct yellow & black onyx
  • approximate weight 14.5 grams
  • size Z shown
  • 14 x 9mm flag



Since I first released this ring in 2016 it has been shared on Facebook over 1300 times and viewed by 236,000 people.  I later created a Goanna totem version for another customer.

I have had many requests to do a lighter and cheaper version but I will not.  The reasons why I will not make thinned out rings are explained in this article from 2013. 

I no longer make this ring at all and the reasons why are explained in this reply to a Facebook message:

Will see if I can explain it better....the onyx needs to be custom cut for the way the flag fits together in my design. There needs to be volume for that to be economical. I could never get the volume so it kills the design right there.

Next many wanted the ring cheaper. To do that you need to make them thin and thin breaks. I would not do that. Would rather not make them. The articles I sent you explain that.

Next many wanted it to be a surprise and the rings really need to be made to size and that rules out a surprise. Be careful you don`t have a ring made to a wrong size and it will not resize well or at all.

The reason why I say ask around is because maybe someone will have an idea that I have not thought of and the designs (as first nations peoples) are yours to do with as you want.

I hope that explains it better. Sorry to confuse you 😞
— 07/09/2017 my Facebook messages